The Benefits Of Downsizing To A Mount Pleasant Apartment

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It’s long been regarded as one of Perth’s premier suburbs, and when it comes to describing the ever-popular suburb of Mount Pleasant, words like charming, peaceful and sophisticated first spring to mind.

The renowned 6153 postcode boasts a range of liveability advantages ranging from sweeping riverside views, interconnected transport links and an unrivalled lifestyle, so it’s no wonder that Mount Pleasant is increasingly attracting downsizers to become its newest residents.

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In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits and advantages of downsizing into this prestigious riverside suburb, alongside a sneak peek of the exclusive, brand new apartments on offer at The Precinct.

Keeping Up With LifeStyle Changes

Put simply, downsizing creates a simplified lifestyle of flexibility, convenience and accessibility.

As we progress through life, our priorities, needs and wants ultimately change, and so too do our property needs, and downsizing can be a perfect way to align those priorities. 

You may find yourself in a position of owning a spacious property with a sizeable garden and a hefty amount of storage, which may be perfect for a growing family, but not for empty nesters who no longer have their children living with them, and who don’t need all that extra space anymore.

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It is still important, however, to ensure your downsized lifestyle can still accommodate enough space for your current needs. The stylish apartments at The Precinct come with spacious floorplans and open plan living configurations that are perfectly suited to a roomy lifestyle. The apartments even provide more than enough space for visiting guests, or you can even set up your very own home office.

Embracing The Downsizer Lifestyle

Downsizing is a growing trend within the Perth market due to an array of compounding advantages and benefits it can offer, and it doesn’t always mean downgrading to a smaller property either.

Perhaps a more suitable term to use would be Right-Sizing, where residents choose to move into a property that is directly suited to their current needs, which in turn can translate into a series of lifestyle benefits that improves your overall quality of life in so many ways.   

Whilst it’s not for everyone, a downsized lifestyle can be perfect for;

  • Young professionals looking for a lock-and-leave lifestyle of convenience;
  • Empty nesters needing a smaller property after their children have moved out;
  • Those in search of a sea-change or a new lifestyle of on-site amenity and leisure;
  • First home buyers wanting an affordable entry point onto the Perth property ladder.

The Lifestyle Benefits Of Downsizing To An Apartment

We have outlined some advantages below to give you a taste of what to expect if you’re considering a downsized move into a boutique apartment like the ones on offer at The Precinct.

1. Less maintenance

Apartments require a lot less maintenance than larger homes, so you can exchange hours of gardening and cleaning for other activities you’d rather be doing. All on-site maintenance is handled by a strata company, helping to limit weekend ‘to do’ lists.

At the Precinct, maintenance requests are only a click away as they can be lodged directly from the building app.

2. Increased cashflow

Financial savings you can experience from downsizing include reduced amenity bills, lower maintenance costs and equity from the sale of your previous property.

Whilst strata fees do play a part in your running costs, the Precinct has a 5-Star Green Star building rating, meaning lower strata fees and energy expenses in comparison with similar developments.

3. Less clutter

We’re all guilty of storing things we don’t need, and downsizing ensures you only move in what you really need, leaving you with less clutter and “stuff” you don’t need.

Apartment developments often provide ample storage facilities for larger items, like The Precinct which provides a kayak rack for easy access to the nearby Swan River.

4. Convenience & flexibility

The convenience of a lock-and-leave lifestyle provides unrivalled flexibility for things like weekends down South, mid-week staycations or sporadic road trips. As apartments managed by strata companies, you can easily leave for vacations and/or road trips in the knowledge that your apartment is being looked after with minimal security risk.

5. On-site amenities

You can enjoy leisure facilities without having to leave your building.

The Precinct boasts a variety of first-class facilities, such as an outdoor swimming pool with cabana beds, a gym, running track and steam room, and even a media room and on-site library to engross you in the downsized lifestyle.

6. Better security

Apartment living ensures your neighbours can keep an eye on things whilst you’re away, due to the close proximity of neighbouring properties. There is also typically a lot more barriers to entry than in standard homes, meaning more protection and seclusion.

7. Modern fixtures & fittings

It’s commonplace to find modern fixtures and contemporary fittings in new apartments, where you can embrace a lifestyle of luxury and elegance.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a new apartment, and you can lap up the feeling of luxury when stepping into a brand-new apartment that has just hit the market.

8. Access To Modern Luxury

Most developments offer a suite of premium apartments suited to affluent buyers in search of a lifestyle of luxury.

The Sky Homes are located in the four top floors of The Precinct, where the spacious apartments boast high ceilings and premium fixtures, with exclusive access to a rooftop Sky Lounge projecting unrivalled city and river views.

Top end residences with stunning views that only a sky home can offer

Are You Considering Downsizing To An Apartment In Mount Pleasant?

As we’ve outlined, there are so many reasons why downsizing is fast becoming the popular housing choice for local Perth households, as we all seek to balance our property needs with our current lifestyle.

If you’re in the market to downsize your lifestyle into a boutique apartment in one of Perth’s premier locations, we invite you to contact the team at The Precinct in Mount Pleasant where a member of our team can walk you through the process of transitioning from your current home into a brand-new boutique apartment in this amazing riverside development.