The Precinct is a 5-star, Green Star-rated building. This rating has only been achieved by a handful of residential towers in Western Australia.

Some of the Green Star features include:

  • Solar cells on the rooftop.
  • Lifts that create power on every down movement.
  • Sensor lights in all common areas and car parks.
  • WELS approved rating on all taps and showers.
  • Energy-efficient lights and appliances.
  • Rain sensors for reticulation system.
  • Efficient VRV air-conditioning system.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms to carparking to ensure fans only run when required.

The Precinct is future-ready with EV Charger access available directly from each residential car bay in the building. Billing for charging your electric vehicle is conveniently linked to your apartment’s billing cycle.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

What is ESG?

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is a broad term to describe how a Company deals with environmental, moral and political aspects.

Striving to be a progressive WA developer in sustainability practices and design, we have installed the largest EV network for our high-rise apartment development, The Precinct Mount Pleasant.

What does this mean?

We have installed 50 charge points in The Precinct which ensures all residents have direct EV charging access within 5m of their own car bay to a total of 523 residential car bays.

This eliminates lengthy wait periods and gives residents the extra convenience of charging their vehicle from their own residential car bay.

This was an initiative we were determined to deliver to our residents whilst also upholding the bar that we have set for ourselves in producing sustainably designed, high-end apartments.

If you’re looking ahead to the future and embracing sustainable living, this is just one of the many initiatives we have implemented at The Precinct.

Fiscal Environment: When the Precinct was constructed, consideration was provided in terms of sourcing of materials as well as where the manufacturing and assembly were undertaken. Furthermore, Norup+Wilson tried, where feasible, to engage with local suppliers and contractors. As a result of this process, the joinery was all manufactured and assembled locally which has aided to an exceptional overall quality product.  

Natural Environment: The Precinct was constructed on a site that was previously developed, meaning the land was re-used. This coupled with the various environmental aspects ensure that the Precinct was unrivalled. These include:

  • 5 Star Green Star accreditation;
  • EV charger access for all residential car bay;
  • Solar Panels;
  • Regenerative drives on the lift car;
  • Motion Sensor lights to common areas; &
  • Unrivalled thermal efficiency to the external façade.

Built Form: The built form environment was enhanced through the provision of facilities and commercial lots on the ground floor. In terms of facilities, the Precinct boasts a range of surprising facilities including the ones that you would not expect including an outdoor running track and crèche room. On the ground floor there are a range of food and beverage outlets, which should assist with covering the continuum of lifestyle that modern day residents expect.

Social considerations were considered in terms of design and sales. In regards to the design a wide range of apartment sizes were constructed, providing housing diversity. In terms of sales, some units were sold to institutions whom had good social policies such as ‘key workers’ etc. 

The Precinct has several sub-committees including gardening and social. Having targeted a high ratio of owner occupiers, connected via a building application, the community spirit is exceptional strong.

The Precinct has one of the largest strata plans, and therefore it was important to get the Governance correct. To this end a comprehensive Council of Owners’ structure was outlined in the By-Laws. Regular meetings with the Strata Manager, Building Manager and Council of Owners, ensure that the building is well-managed.